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Construction of Photovoltaic Parks

Construction of Photovoltaic Parks

Full Construction of Photovoltaic Parks

Maintech deals with the complete construction of Photovoltaic Parks, starting from the topography and ending with the connection to the public or private grid. Having implemented PV Park projects with a total capacity of more than 185 MW, it is able to complete any difficulty installation.

It specializes in providing a complete range of services for the installation of Photovoltaic Parks, with or without the supply of basic equipment (panels, inverters, bases, substation). It undertakes electromechanical and energy studies in order to select the appropriate materials, cross-sections and their placement for the maximum efficiency of the investment in the construction of Photovoltaic Parks.

It includes soil consolidation, perimeter fencing, equipment reception, pile installation (pile driving, concreting, etc.), superstructure assembly and additionally:

  • Placement of panels & inverters
  • Earthworks for ditch opening & backfilling
  • Electrical work & installation of medium voltage substation

At the same time, it carries out the design and installation of a closed circuit monitoring and alarm system. It undertakes the connection of the inverters (AC & DC), the substation (Low and Medium Voltage), testing and measurements. Upon completion of the installation process, the client is engaged in the drafting, signing and submission of the necessary documents to the competent electrification body (DEDDIE or ADMIE). It is worth noting that all our services are performed by qualified and experienced personnel, using mainly proprietary project machinery equipment.

Specialised Services

Αειφορία & Αξιοπιστία

With respect to the environment & the economy

Topographical - Soil clearing - Zoning
Passafras - Base assembly
Installation and connection of PV panels
Installation and connection of MT substation and inverters
Electrical work, testing and connection to the network