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Domestic Photovoltaics

Domestic Photovoltaics

Saving Energy using Photovoltaics

Both the energy crisis and the ever-increasing need for energy savings in homes have made the installation of a PV system a quite profitable investment using Domestic Photovoltaic. In fact, the possibility of storing excess energy in a battery, as well as the option of not discharging it to the grid, combined with subsidized programs that exist, provide the possibility of reducing a family's annual budget for the household Photovoltaics.

We undertake the information to the final consumer about the domestic photovoltaics, the evaluation of their energy needs or future plans (e.g. installation of a heat pump, electric car charging station, etc.) and the selection of the appropriate system that will fit the above.

We provide a comprehensive proposal, which includes:

  • Compilation and submission of the necessary applications (connection to the DEDDIE, subsidy)
  • Supply and installation of panels for the domestic photovoltaic panels .
  • Supply of domestic photovoltaic panels and installation of the bases (either on a roof or on tiles or on a pergola or carport)
  • Supply and installation of the hybrid inverter and the selected batteries
  • Supply and installation of electrical equipment required (cables, spiral, earthing, fuses, switches, meter)

Finally, we deliver a complete file with drawings, mono-line drawings, certificates, certificates, EIS etc., as required by the DEDDIE for the connection of the system to the network, with the presence of our engineer in the process and the performance of any measurements and tests.