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Installation of SCADA in PS 20/150 and 80 PV in Domokos

March 13, 2024 maintech Comments Off

In cooperation with ATC Automation Systems, the installation of the necessary SCADA equipment for the interconnection of 80 photovoltaic projects in a 20/150kV substation in the area of Domokos started.

Equipment and equipment20/150kV substation equipment

The Rack was moved and connected to the 20/150kV substation, where the servers, the ups, the firewalls, the protocol converter and the central SCADA program, which will cooperate with the RTU of ADMIE, receiving the data (e.g. set point) and sending the necessary information. WiFi system

The installation of wifi antennas was also started, in order to ensure the best possible transfer of data and commands to the server, independent of the other systems (cameras, alarms, etc.).

Equipment FB projects

The racks of the PV projects were transported and started to be installed, including gateway equipment, plc, switches, power meter etc., which will collect the data from the park (inverters, MT etc.) and transfer them to the central server.