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Photovoltaic maintenance

Photovoltaic maintenance

Maintenance contracts

Includes 2 (two) visits per year during which scheduled preventive maintenance work will be carried out on the PV station according to Annex 1 and a technical report of actions, faults and recommendations will be delivered.

Daily supervision of the PV station regarding its operation, comparative assessment of the efficiency of the parks and their availability.

Operation, failure and performance reports with graphical visualizations of production, specific production, sunshine, temperatures and their evolution over the months.

Unlimited number of emergency interventions in the event of a failure that is not due to local conditions (e.g. power outage) and cannot be restored remotely. In this case and within 24 hours, a specialized workshop will attend the project and will determine the damage, restore it if simple spare parts are required or use spare parts of the park or inform the respective supplier if replacement of some material is required that is not covered by the factory warranty (e.g. low switch, communication board, camera, etc.).

Management of warranties – insurance coverage in case of damage, the diagnosis and processing of the claim with the manufacturer for the replacement of the equipment under warranty, or technical report and follow-up of the claim to the insurance company, in case either the material is out of warranty or the manufacturer does not exist.

Presentation of Maintenance Work

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