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Professional Net Metering

Professional Net Metering

Reduction of Energy Costs

A very important factor that determines the annual cost of a business, craft, industry or generally professional space in recent years is energy consumption. Energy-intensive companies in particular are increasingly looking for solutions to limit consumption through SCADA management systems and the installation of electricity generation and storage systems.

We undertake to inform the owner or manager of a business about the installation ofBEMS/SCADA Energy Management Systems, the energy analysis and mapping they offer and help to diagnose the points that can lead to savings. At the same time, the necessary performance information of a PV system in combination or not with storage and its contribution to the energy saving study of the company is given.

There is the possibility of installing a system:

  • Net metering with or without battery storage.
  • Photovoltaic system without grid injection with or without battery storage.

We undertake the entire process of implementing a project, starting with the energy study, assistance in the formulation of a study for subsidies (e.g. from NSRF), the formulation of an economic and technical study and proposal, the supply of equipment, installation, connection and regulation and finally the testing and connection of the system to the DEDDIE network.

  • Compilation and submission of the necessary applications (connection to the DEDDIE, subsidy)
  • Supply and installation of panels for the domestic photovoltaic panels .
  • Supply of domestic photovoltaic panels and installation of the bases (either on a roof or on tiles or on a pergola or carport)
  • Supply and installation of the hybrid inverter and the selected batteries
  • Supply and installation of electrical equipment required (cables, spiral, earthing, fuses, switches, meter)