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Telemetry / SCADA


Management and Maintenance with SCADA/PLC

We have developed a SCADA/PLC program that can be installed in any PV station, to serve the management and maintenance needs of the station, as well as the requirements of ADMIE or DEDDIE in private substations MT/UT, and the power limitation requirements of the stations. It consists of :

  • SCADA system at the central substation MT/UT substation, which will cooperate with the RTU of ADMIE, will collect and store the data from all the parks and will give the appropriate commands based on the setpoints received, performing the desired sharing
  • SCADA system in each PV park, which will monitor its operation, its performance and the qualitative data that will be used to estimate the maximum possible efficiency. At the same time it will transfer the commands from the setpoint of ADMIE to the inverters
  • CloudScada system with which you will have the ability to remotely monitor all parameters from PV parks belonging to the same or different clusters or from individual parks connected to the DEDDEO network