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Management and Maintenance of Medium Voltage Substations

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  • Management and Maintenance of Medium Voltage Substations

Management and Maintenance of Medium Voltage Substations

Ensuring the optimal performance and maintenance of your photovoltaics

Most PV parks installed in recent years have a capacity of more than 100kW and by extension are connected to the Medium Voltage grid, whether it belongs to DEDDIE or to a private operator. The heart of these installations are the Medium Voltage Substations, where the Low Voltage produced by the inverters is fed to the transformer and transformed into a Medium Voltage Substation.

In the Medium Voltage Substations, there is electrical and electronic equipment sensitive to humidity, dust and weather conditions, which requires regular preventive maintenance. Also, as it controls the network and the "quality" of the power, making frequent manipulations (interruptions and restarts), it is necessary to have a proper licensed engineer who will restore any malfunction. Some faults in the network cause an outage and require handling in the project, as the fault is considered serious and requires checking before reopening.

A network of qualified engineers throughout Greece (currently in Athens, Larissa, Igoumenitsa, Veria and Drama), as well as an experienced maintenance department based in Athens, which provides a solution to every possible problem:

  • Remote monitoring of the parks and sizes of the Medium Voltage Substation
  • Carry out preventive regular visits (once or twice depending on the age)
  • Intervene in any emergency breakdown and undertake the restoration process in case of manufacturer's warranty or use of a breakdown insurance policy