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Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Exemplary Quality in Photovoltaic Systems

It has a Certificate for the Quality Management System according to the EN ISO 9001-2015 standard for the scope of application DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION, MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE OF PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS. The company has developed its Quality Management System Policy with a view to designing and delivering high quality projects using efficient ways of performing its obligations to its clients, so as to remain competitive. Through the Quality Management System Policy, we are committed to:

  • In the design, design and construction of high quality projects.
  • The delivery of projects in the desired time and with full coverage of the requirements of its customers.
  • Taking the necessary measures to comply with the legal requirements related to the safety of employees and the operation of the company in general.
  • To develop conditions of mutual trust and cooperation with its partners / suppliers.
  • The availability of all necessary resources to safeguard the integrity of customer-owned products.
  • To cover all issues relating to confidentiality concerning any intellectual or commercial property of a client.
  • To constantly monitor and participate in the developments in its sector.
  • To effectively address and meet the existing and projected education, training and specialization needs of the company's employees.
  • To provide the necessary resources to maintain and improve the effectiveness of the company's Quality Management System.
  • The ability to collect operational and performance results in order to set targets for the Quality Management System , the achievement of which is reviewed at regular intervals.