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Ρόδου 27, Μεταμόρφωση 144 52, Αθήνα 210 2813379



Having over 400 projects in Management and Maintenance contracts, from Laconia to Evros, and undertaking the construction of new photovoltaic installations in every region of Greece, our permanent presence in areas that “cover” these distances is a one-way street. We have permanent staff in Athens, Larissa, Igoumenitsa, Veroia and Drama. In each region, there is the necessary number of experienced engineers and technicians, with appropriate vehicles, tools and instruments of specialized measurements (thermocamera, Riso, IV, earth meter, medium voltage equipment, etc.), in order to meet the company’s obligations regarding regular maintenance visits but mainly emergency interventions in case of failures (e.g. substation outage, loss of communication, inverter failure, etc.).

Being present in these areas enables us to create new teams of engineers, technicians, workers or subcontractors, under the supervision of our permanent experienced staff. In any case, when new construction or maintenance projects are added in an area, we reinforce our existing manpower and material resources or establish a team in a new city if it is not adequately covered by a nearby one.