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Commercial and Household Net-Metering

September 5, 2023 maintech Comments Off

Expansion of the company’s activities in the field of net metering, whether it concerns residential or commercial premises, with or without batteries.

Energy saving is a primary objective in both domestic households and commercial buildings. Having experience in the construction and management of photovoltaic projects for over a decade, we are able to evaluate and recommend the appropriate Photovoltaic System based on the profile of each consumer.

Commercial PV with or without storage is now quite attractive for owners of energy-intensive industries. In combination with a comprehensive Energy Saving Study in the area, they are able to offer both economy in the annual costs of the business and a contribution to the reduction of environmental pollution.

The systems can be combined with energy storage or not, depending on the consumption profile of each installation. Also, off-grid systems can be implemented, in which case the energy produced by PV is either consumed directly in the home or industrial loads, or stored in batteries, to be used when there is no production.